jineoooooooo's websitee nikkuh ?

WELCOMEEEEEEEEE to jineossssssssss websiteee  <3


 need anythingggg contact me at (mocha_pearlshake@yahoo.com) on myspacee or if youu wanna add my msn (cookie_munsta09@hotmail.com)

ashLeyy bricia <33 is helLa bomb ; Lovee youu Luff :))

bestiess for Lifeee .
bestiess for Lifeee .

i miss this girL name Chazrae ChaneL SabLan Dlg :( chazrae chanteL , where shouLd i start ? welL remember the first day i ever transfered to your cLass for 4th period during our 7th grade year ? i was ashamed cause i rareLy knew anyone , but youu came barging out of know where taLking to me , in my head i was Like " yess , someone to taLk to " loL . yeahh foreaLs . those times when we aLso make Mr. WilLiams maddd ? loL , damn thats was funny , we had each others back no matter what , rightt ? whe i Left youu aLways get madd , loL . so i aLways had to wait for youu . LMAO . i knew youu eversince but i was ashame to taLk to youu and stuff , so when the 8th grade year came thats when we were so close like peanut-butter and jelLy ? haha . you'lL aLways have a spott in my heart , no Lieee . i LOVEEE youu so much and i sure miss youu . remember im aLways there for youu . calL or text me if anythinggg :)) i thank GOD for making youu enter my LiFE :) take care over there , just pretend im there . loL